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Dealer Talk brings together some of the automotive retail industry’s brightest minds to share their expertise, experiences, and insights to help you become a better professional. Our goal is to explore every aspect of your business — marketing, sales, fixed operations, leadership, and more — to be your destination for a holistic look at your dealership.

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sMedia: Digital Transformation

Welcome back to season 6 episode 7! Man, this season has been a lot of fun and this next episode is one of my favorites. I had the pleasure of talking data translation and digital transformation with the folks over at Smedia. Together, we discuss the interconnectivity of data and progress, and the people capable of interpreting it all. We unpack a lot! Don’t miss out.
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Ali Reda: Selling Cars In This Environment

Welcome to season 6 episode 6! This week we have non-other than the G.O.A.T himself–Ali Reda. These have been crazy times, and we are talking to Ali about what…
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David Steinberg: Winning More With Emails

Welcome to episode five of the Dealer Talk Podcast. This week we are sitting down with David Steinberg founder and CEO of Foureyes, our sponsor for this…
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William K Hollis: Motivating The Automotive Industry

Welcome to this episode with non-other than William Hollis. We are stepping outside of our regular content to talk about motivation,  success, and even the power…
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Danny Zaslavsky: Buying More Cars From The Public

Welcome back to another session. We are talking acquisition with Danny Zaslavsky. We are digging deep into a strategy he uses at his store to buy more vehicles from…
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