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Dealer Talk brings together some of the automotive retail industry’s brightest minds to share their expertise, experiences, and insights to help you become a better professional. Our goal is to explore every aspect of your business — marketing, sales, fixed operations, leadership, and more — to be your destination for a holistic look at your dealership.

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Forest Ward: Lead Response Time

This week I sit down with Forest Ward from Call Drip and we are talking about lead response time. It is such a simple concept but one that plays a huge role in today’s digital landscape. If marketing is the message, then how we prepare to respond to the activity generated from that message is an area we can look to for increased closing percentages!
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Shawn Armorer: Horizontal Decision-Making Process

This week I sit back down with repeat guest Shawn Armorer and we are talking about several things including having a horizontal approach to decision-making. 
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Jason Knight: Future of Advertising

This week I interview Jason Knight one of the founders of LotLinx and we are talking DATA like nobody’s business. Make sure to tune-in to the whole episode for some actual tips..
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Christine Mitchell: Fixed Ops Talk

This week I interview Christine Mitchell A.K.A. The Car Lady! We talk about all things Fixed Ops in a Pandemic landscape. We are tackling questions like how has the pandemic impacted the service side of the business?
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Tim Wilson: Marketing Data

I sit down with Tim Wilson, Founder of Digital Footprint to talk about data and marketing and how this is rapidly changing for auto dealers. I am very excited to share this episode.
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